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Welcome to the halesfield motor spares home page!

We are a company that has been established for 4-5 years and have a wide range of products and services available including tyres, used car parts and  selling salvaged vehicles, some of which you will be able find on our site. - please find below a list of our other pages and a brief description of what information or service you will find.

WAnted!!! Minimum Payment Scheme

Vauxhall cavaliers £220 - £250 - Free Local Collection

Vauxhall Vectras's - 1.6 or 2L £180 - £220 Free Local Collection

All 4 X 4's - £350 - £1000 Free Local Collection

Updated daily! please Look out for your make and model

About Us......

On this page you will find all our information about how the company started etc... and  what products and services we have to offer.


 On this page you will find the descriptions to match the photo's in the photo gallery, it will list how much the product is, what the product is, what it's out of etc.....

photo gallery

 On this page you will find pictures of vehicles and parts we have for sale, dont worry if what your looking for is not here as we have alot more parts available so please just ask.

contact us

 On this page you will find a message  where you can fill in your full details in and the question that you would like answering and then we will get back to you through the details that you have entered.


 On this page you will find some of  the cars we have for sale, please look at our sales page for further used vehicles and  parts.


 On this page you will find all the information needed to either contact or visit us. Please note: - alternatively you can contact us using the contact us page.